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Kodak Photo Printer 6850

From Camera To New Product Line -  Kodak Photo Printer 6850

Photographs are considered valuables – they give memoirs of happy and sad episodes in life. Photography has undergone great innovation and today, instead of having the printing labs and the traditional dark rooms, photo printers were invented. For people who print a large number of photos – maybe because of photography business – the Kodak photo printer 6850 is a good choice. Kodak previously famous for its camera products had undergone another business undertaking, but still linked to photography. It has ventured into manufacture of printers and one of the latest models of printer is the Kodak photo printer 6850.

The vision of Kodak’s father, George Eastman, is easy and accessible usage of equipments. This was his guiding principle when he landed into the camera business in 1888. Since that time Eastman Kodak never looked back and with rising competitors, continued to move ahead of the photography ladder. Kodak cameras became a yardstick and today, Kodak printers are assuming the business position that Kodak cameras occupy.

Kodak Photo printer 6850 is digital thermal photo printer; it uses heat to print on paper.  It has the capacity to produce bulk of print-outs in very short time interval. It is recommended for commercial use. Although this photo printer may be more expensive, it has the quality of producing instant pictures and an array of creative selection.

 Kodak photo printer 6850 is endowed with the following features:

  • It is fast and delivers quality photographic print-outs in just a click of the fingers. For instance, in 15 seconds, it can produce a borderless, water resistant and high quality 6 x 8 glossy photograph. In 8 seconds, it prints a 4 x 6 inch copy.
  • It is very efficient. It prints without operator or human intervention an output of 375 pieces of 16 x 20 cm prints or 750 pieces of 10 x 15 cm prints. The efficiency of this printer results to higher printer uptime and minimal labor downtime.
  • It prints photographs that can last a life time; the print output has very high resolutions (high dpi) – more vibrant colors and well-defined details.
  • It has a USB 2.0 interface, compatible also to USB 1.1. This enables the printer to achieve a fast PC data transfer.
  • It does not require the SCSI card or cable, which means there is savings in this feature as an SCSI can be expensive.
  • It is provided with built-in cutter making the photo ready instantly.
  • Prints from computers and laptops which accounts for portability.
  • It easily switches from standard printing to creation of photo book, greeting cards and collages. It also allows additional borders, backgrounds and card designs in the printed photograph.
  • As to the machine itself, it is durable, reliable and user-friendly.

Would you like to invest on a photo printing kiosk? This business now is rewarding, especially with the advent of cellular phone cameras. This Kodak photo printer 6850 will be your gateway to instant business success. Have it and put it to work for your business.