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Printers For Photos

Tips In Choosing The Best Printers For Photos

Photographs used to be developed in dark rooms; then emerged the photo labs for developing photographs. All these are passé now – you can print photographs from your home. Yes! This is now the practice – printing your own photos from your own cameras in the confines of your house. How is that? Printers for photos are out in the market and everyone can have his own photo printer. The printing may not require skill but what is important is to be able to acquire the right printers for photos. So – be selective in finding your own photo printer.

The photos you print at home are digital photographs. Usually, shots from the cellular phones are linked to the printer and in a short while, print-outs are available. Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, the print-outs of your photo shots can be influenced by the printer model that was used. So – if you plan to buy your printer for photos to be used at home, then you have to know the features of the photo printer appropriate to your need.

There are four common kinds of printer for photos available currently in the market. It is up to you to examine the features and find the device that is best for your use.

1.    The compact or the smallest photo printer

The compact photo printer is the smallest of all the models. This is dedicated to printing snapshots. This type of printer has only one function – that is to print 4 x 6 snapshots. This has very limited use. From the camera’s digital photo files, you can hook your camera with the appropriate cable and printing can immediately start. Resolution of the print out photograph is good. This type of printer, as it is compact, requires only a small space in your home. However, the disadvantage lies on the fact that you cannot print enlarged photographs. The printing size is limited to 4 x 6. There are compact printers that prints 5 x 7 photographs. Nevertheless, the size is still small – enlargement not allowable by the printer’s function. This printer is for those with limited space and would only want snapshot sized photos.

2.    The full size inkjet printer

This second kind of printer is commonly used for document printing.  As such, snap shot is not the only size it is capable of printing.  It can generate photo enlargements to 8 x 10, or even larger. This printer for photo is for the more serious photographers. This cost more than the snap shot only printer. The print quality is already comparable in resolution to photo lab print output. Most printers under this category come with Pictbridge feature. The Pictbridge will enable the camera owner to just hook the digital camera to the printer. Printing can be done without the need for computer uploading.

 3.    The  all-in-one mfp printer

The third kind of printer is an all-in-one printer that is multi-functional – printing, scanning, photocopying and fax sending. Some model have photo printing feature thus making the quality and resolution surprisingly very commendable. One disadvantage however, is its size. As it encompasses 4 functions, this device is bigger. But if you have more budget, you can opt for the compact mfp printer model. There are also wireless models for this type which account for easy photo printing.

4.    Professional photo printers

This last type is for seasoned photographers. It has the printing capabilities of the other types but what distinguishes it is its capability to print photos as large as 13” x 19”.

What kind of printers for photos do you need? Of course, it is incumbent upon you to make the decision. It depends upon your need, your available space and most of all – how much are you willing to spend for a printer for photos?