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Professional Photo Labs

Can Photo Printers Replace Professional Photo Labs?

Though printing you photos from home is very common, professional photo labs cannot be put aside or totally discarded. For one, not every photo shooter has a photo printer. Thus, they would need the services of professional photo labs. Indeed this kind of business is still thriving – you will find a photo kiosk in the mall, convenience store or drug store. With competition, the equipment becomes affordable for small enterprises. 

Professional photo labs cannot be eliminated in the market.

  1. They are needed by professional photographers.
  2. Not everybody has a personal home photo printer.
  3. The prints in professional labs are better which may be desired by consumers.
  4. They have other high technology services which are not found in the photo printer.

Services of professional photo labs

  1. Professional prints – Professional photo labs utilizes equipments that produce better prints. The colors of the prints are well-balanced and the details and outlines of the images are well defined. Although some photo printers produce high resolution prints, still the output of the professional photo labs are superior. Also, the professional photo lab can print unlimited sizes of photographs.
  2. Canvas prints – The professional photo labs can print photos on canvas. It can do canvas gallery wrap, canvas cluster, canvas image split and unstretched canvas. In the gallery wrap, after the photograph is printed on the canvas, the edges are stretched, ready to hang with backing, mounting bracket and protective UV coating. Canvas cluster is a series of gallery wraps put together to result to a montage of photographs. In canvas image split, a photograph is divided into multiple canvas panels. The unstretched canvas is also mountable and protective spray is applied to prevent scratches.
  3. Albums – The professional photo lab can customize an album of client into different sizes, lay-outs, templates and covers. The photographs can be embossed.
  4. CD/DVD cases – The professional photo labs can personalize CD and DVD casing. The casings can be wrapped with cloth or leather or they can have customized photo cover wrapped in canvas, luster or metallic.
  5. Photo greeting card – For holidays or special occasions, the photograph can be printed and a greeting card can be made. This can also be done for invitations and calendars. They can have different sizes and designs. Paper used can be gloss, linen or metallic.
  6. Templates – The professional photo lab can be printed using variation of templates.
  7. Framing – Photo labs print and frame the photographs.
  8. Photo buttons and magnets – Professional labs can print photos on gloss or linen and make them into magnets and buttons. These are nice give-away for parties and social functions.
  9. Photo editing and photo restoration – The professional photo lab can edit any photograph and damaged old photos can be restored to original. Folds and scratches on the photographs can be fixed.

With the many services of professional photo labs, there is no doubt that these enterprises will continue to stay and flourish. Ordinary photo printer’s output is limited and the photo labs provide solutions to photo printer’s deficiency.